Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy Signal Big Tune Alert!!!

This one is gonna be big. Not only is it a "Bam Bam" riddim revival, but Busy goes at Vybz whether he is saying so or not about using bleach on his face.

For those who don't follow Jamaica all that much "skin bleaching" is exactly what it sounds like. A cream is applied to the face that bleaches the skin color so it appears lighter.

And as you may also not know doing anything cosmetic as a guy means you're essentially gay and being gay in Jamaica is about as safe as being an in uniform KKK member in Harlem. In fact I think the latter would be safer.

The irony is Jamaican's are HUGELY homophobic, but every dancehall artist wears metro sexual Ed Hardy gear and bedazzled blazers and what not. I guess they haven't gotten the memo yet.

Download it:

Busy Signal "Tie and Dye Face" mp3

* Thanks to Hugh Knight for the link

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