Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Additions to SDTW

Check out the newest inductees to the blog roll:

Persue/Bunny Kitty


My good friend and all around style master Persue (pronounced per-sway) is always up to something big. As if being a world class graffiti writer and running one of the best skate shoe companies out (Vox) wasn't enough he's also got time to blog about it. To be honest I think he only blogs about 1/10 of the cool sh*t he's doing, but I'm not complaining.

Hurt You Bad Super Blog


HYB is serious. Graffiti blogs are pretty lame for the most part. They don't offer much in terms of content and a lot of them just re-post the same non sense over and over. HYB solves all of that with a nice "we don't really give a proper fuck what you think" attitude and a ton of original content from all over the world. Bookmark it.

The Boobs

The Boobs

Warning! This will become one of your guilty pleasure blogs. It's written entirely from the female perspective, but they are the type of chicks you wish were married to. I mean the entire purpose of their blog is to get their friends to put their "sweater puppets" on the web just for fun. Besides that they discuss things like theories on Lil Mama actually being Bow Wow with a wig and everything in between. Of course if you don't like things like boobs, ignorant rap, snapping on people, and tips on knocking boots, then maybe this isn't the blog for you.

Curriculum Mag

Curriculum Mag

Rogene can't be faded when it comes to San Diego skateboarding or skate blogs in general. The site is really cool and it's nice to see the homies putting down the blunt for a hot a second and doing something creative. Check the back issues for even more content.

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