Friday, April 10, 2009

Michigan & Smiley

This one is worth grabbing just for "Wonder".

Michigan and Smiley were to my knowledge at the forefront of the "call and response" style that would become pretty popular in the early 80's, but has sort of become and extinct style.

Give it a listen.

Track List:

Step By Step
Afrikan Must Be Free
Take It Easy
Jah Ruled Over I
Too Much Confusion
Twiggly Higgly
Get Educated

On the back side: Scientist, Roots Radics, and Channel One....nuff said


Michigan and Smiley "Step By Step"

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  1. It's a very good album, I picked this one up on vinyl a few years ago; its a more down-tempo, mellowed out sound, inna classic Channel One style. And now I have it in digital format, thanks!