Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ninjaman Monsters of Dancehall

There really isn't an American music artist that equals Ninjaman in terms of controversy. I mean on one hand you could say he is like dancehall's Old Dirty Bastard, but even then you wouldn't truly understand the full scope of the man.

Ninja came up with Supercat and Early B with Kilimanjaro Sound under his first nom de plume Uglyman. There already was an Uglyman so he changed it to Ninjaman and the rest (to use the cliche) is history.

Whether it was clashing with everyone and their mother for the past 2 decades, getting addicted to crack, being charged for murder a few times, doing time for gun possession, getting assaulted by a machete wielding maniac, being banned from reggae festivals and multiple performance venues, Ninjaman never really could be stopped.

Above: A small view into the world that is Ninjaman

The latest case looks pretty bad for the "Original Front Tooth, Gold Tooth, Gun Pon Tooth Don Gorgon."

He is being charged for murder of a man named Rickey Trooper (not the famous selector) and things aren't looking good, but we'll have to wait and see.

This Greensleeve's release dropped the ball on some really basic hits such as "Murder Dem" "Permit To Bury" and "Test The High Power" but overall its as good enough of a place to start as any other with Ninjaman.

"Only ninja can kill a ninja."


Ninjaman "Monsters of Dancehall"

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