Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Does Jamie Foxx Get a Pass?

I have to watch music videos all day at work. It's not a bad gig mind you, but some songs end up becoming permanently drilled into your brain for the remainder of the day.

Case in point:

Jamie Foxx's "Blame It"

Now I'm not going to hate on the song too much. It is what it is. What I am wondering is why is it that Jamie Foxx was able to pull off "Blame It" but for whatever reason Eddie Murphy was never able to live down "Party All The Time"?

Both songs use the sonic trademarks of the time Jamie Foxx's song is layered with auto tune crooning galore and Eddie's is doused in 80's synths and keys and even comes with a Rick James cameo.

So if you're still with me think about this....

Had the general public not been so harsh on Eddie for his ambitions to sing we might still have the Eddie Murphy of the 80's. Yes, the same Eddie Murphy who did Delirious, Raw, Coming To America, Trading Places, dick and pussy jokes Eddie Murphy. Now look what we have to deal with Doctor Dolittle, Nutty Professor, talking animal movies, getting Mel B pregnant, tranny sex? I mean it has been a downward spiral ever since.

I guess there's really no point I'm trying to make other than I think it's lame that Jamie Foxx (who I'm not saying is a bad actor or singer even) gets a pass when Eddie was doing the same thing almost 30 years ago. Had we embraced Eddie we could still be laughing our collective ass' off, but no we had to go and ruin poor Eddie's feelings and to make matters worse he paid us back the favor with a slew of crappy comedies.


  1. "Blame it" is an awesome song, up in da clubz(HA!). Party all the time is awesome too, but only because of the visual of the video...Rick James' blnde weave is ferosh!

  2. prolly cause ervry body thought ot twas jus tpain