Thursday, June 2, 2011


I seriously just have no empathy for fat people.

Call me cruel, but I mean c'mon man.

This shit is officially the sorriest thing I have ever seen.

Fat people are just gonna ask to become Transformers soon. Instead of having to lose weight they will just transform into a vehicle and drive themselves to the nearest Waffle House.


  1. for real. . .that shit is straight outa the movie wall-e. . . i read this interview where a rapper said some scary but fuckin valid shit about people like this. . .

    -"The significance is that most people disgust me and while we are inherently selfish we do an excellent job of convincing ourselves otherwise. Furthermore it’s becoming harder and harder for me to argue with the ruling classes attempts to exterminate those who have very little to offer a modern world that is quickly running out of resources to sustain these lazy imbeciles"