Sunday, June 26, 2011

SDTW Photography Part 2

Here's another a phone pic dump of life through my eyes. Instead of leaving you retards to draw your own conclusions I will comment on each photo to give you a bit of perspective.

Waiting for the Fremont bridge whilst riding my bike.

This was from a ride with none other than the Prince Of Ballard we peddled over to Alki beach on a sunny day and shit was like a mix of Atlanta, Pacific Beach and Renton all rolled into one. The people watching was ridiculous. I almost wrecked twice just straight gawking at rollerblading spirit warriors.

Caught this fool slippin. Who the fuck is going to steal your wrongboard homie? Cause I'm pretty sure that dude from Sublime is dead. No one is gonna steal that shit player. Fucking Adam Sandler wouldn't even steal that shit.

I was gonna save this one for a SDTW "My People" post but decided to throw it in the pile. Why do white people think professing their love for Wu Tang is going to get them street cred coupons?

The view while I was waiting for court. I finally got my shit dismissed. Shout outs to all the readers that have to deal with that bullshit. Real talk x's infinity.

I think Jamie just looks like a creep here, but he's got super nice pit bull puppies for sale. I'd buy one, but I'm not trying to get my Estevan Oriol photo t shirt on.

I don't know why I take pictures of flash. I am not a tattoo artist. I am not going to be one and I have ZERO use for flash, but whatever.

This happened the other day. No big deal.

Pulled pork sandwiches are what makes Murika so fuckin' Murika. Got this at Pico's BBQ in the SODO. Shit was sloppy, but delicious.

My homie Jake is going to give Lush a run for his money.

Left ankle jump off. I'm not even sure what this is from but I put it on my leg none the less.

Disappointed when I saw it was not Pretty Tony in the box.

Some one should paint this dude.


  1. Haha! Had no clue you were in Seattle. We should be friends cause we live in the same city...uh, not really. Enjoy your shit though.

    Pretty sure I recognize that ass though- it's a small city.