Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks America

This girl is a millionaire.

Dear The Fader,

Give yourselves a double high five on the black hand side for this interview. I'm glad you have a think tank of 13 year old retards that can keep coming up with provocative type questions like:

"What age did you start smoking weed?"

What in the holy hell fuck kinda question is that?

Yes, this chick is white and smokes weed. So does Stephanie and mad other white bitches all across the world. My moms smoked "maui wowi" when she was in college and no one has brought that shit up to her yet.

This is some extra basic ass white trash chick shit swag. I, in no way, am mad at someone getting a pay check. Get that paper Kreashawnda. Buy all the feather earring nose ring combos you want and smoke MAD blunts with MC Mark Ass Mark from the group Last Of The Markisons.

But please do not try and gas up the internets that this is some new school art rap based movement.

The bitch didn't even write the ONE song she got signed for. She penned negative ZERO words for "Gucci Gucci". She didn't make the song, she didn't make the beat, she just stood their acting wiggerish. It is a classic example of how show-business is nothing more than just showing up.

That is it.

If that is worth a million dollars then so be it, but do not expect anyone who is "grown ass" to acknowledge the shit.

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  1. I'm not gonna front, I think gucci gucci is a mad catchy...who actually wrote it?

  2. i am most saddened by the news she didn't write the song herself. At least that Friday bitch wrote her own suck-ass song that sucks. this bitch had someone else write her hellish song. :(