Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Heart Canadians

The internet is flamed up right now with some serious Canuck's riot shit.

First off, Americans that seriously try to diss Canada more than likely have never been there. Whenever I go to Vancouver there is nothing but ridiculously hot babes, legal weed bars (if you partake), different races living in the same neighborhood, very nice people and really good food.

So even though I personally love to call Canada (America's Hat) if you've been then you already know deep down what's up.


This was probably THE sorriest riot ever.

In one clip I think I saw an over turned Prius and a bunch of dudes kicking it. The fuck does kicking a Prius do? I mean unless you got steel toe boots and you're fucking David Beckham on pcp I don't think kicking is doing anything to a Prius.

I mean the shit is already a Prius. That's like picking on the slow kid in class. Not hard.

Also my dude right here:

Yeah dawg way to get your fucking Green Day on.

The homie got all juiced up and tried to spark the revolution and forgot the simple act of WEARING A FUCKING MASK. I'm not a riot expert by any stretch, but if you're gonna involve explosions, fire, weapons, breaking glass and the like you might wanna cover your face.

Also double bonus cause my boy also happens to be on some Canadian national water polo team or some extra ass white guy shit and is probably catching a fat charge.

High five, eh.

Overall, the riot just looked mad pussy. I wasn't sure if I was watching a riot or a Hannah Montana concert.

It is probably worth pointing out that if someone got hurt in this riot they were able to go to a hospital and not have to pay $14,562 to get stitches.

I would take health insurance over a Stanley Cup any fucking day.

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  1. Yeah, but at least they were sports rioting, something everyone in boston forgot how to do after they were all fawking haad tawk about all their sports teams, but the last riot they had a college girl died from a rubber bullet to the eye and everyone got bitch made.

    also, super real truth on canada.