Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Real Talk

So I'm perusing through my usual "I Heart The Internet" haunts when I came across this gem. It's decent enough. Big ol' gal passed the fuck out in the dog park.

The reason I know that it this picture was taken in a dog park is because this picture was taken right in front of my fucking apartment. That wild ass bodega I talk about is right next store to this spot.

My building is nice enough, but at no point during the tour were they like:

"Oh do you guys smoke krillz? Cause there is the BEST little krillz spot right on 2nd Avenue and they are literally open 24/7 so that is something worth checking out. Also you have full access to the gym and roof amenities from your floor."


  1. I can't get over this. too much.

  2. I do not miss taking my dog to this hell hole. The shit Ive seen go down here. Thats a classy bitch right there thou.


  3. Worst dog park in America. It's not even a dog park it's a fucking zoo for crack heads.

    Oh look kids, it's Crackaceratops!