Thursday, June 9, 2011

Graffiti Wellfare

These "cost" $150 a pop.

So instead I am just gonna go to Kinkos and hit up the enlarger for 45 cents. That is if I can beat today's morning battle with apathy.


  1. Checkout the latest episode of South Park for a little peak into how cynical people appear from the outside. I like your style, but hating on EVERYTHING is getting a bit old. Some shit is pretty cool you know.
    but ya know "haters gonna hate".
    Don't for a second think i will stop coming to your site though.

  2. How is this "hating" ?

  3. @Anonymous

    So you wanted to tell me you think my shit is "old" but you're gonna keep reading it?

  4. yeah. i just wanted to "keep you on you toes". y'know. make sure it's always "fresh".
    that comment didn't intend to come out assholey. that south park episode made me feel like a jerk and i thought i would try to spread the "dont be a jerk" message. nothing sinister.
    i meant it in the sense that dudes hating on supreme is a bit "in fashion" and you are better than that.
    i don't think your shit is old. i basically check out the site everyday. if you don't wanna hear it, turn off the comments.