Friday, June 24, 2011

Up To Di Time

Recently there has been major elephant in the room concerning Kartel so I will say this:

I think Kartel is the good kind of crazy. He may look like a smoked out tatted up Jamaican tranny, but does that really have anything to do with his music? Yes and no. Depends what kind of mood I am in. I mean all dancehall dude's dress horribly and follow basic American cable swag religiously so why should Kartel be singled out? Mavado looks like an anorexic Serena Williams with his little sorry ass braids so what's really good?

At any rate Kartel ain't going nowhere. White skinned or not. Dude has a strangle hold on Jamaica and he is the only danacehall artist to be featured in New York Times, Fader and RollingStone in the same week that I can remember.

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Props to Thomas for finding this one

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