Monday, June 20, 2011

Rapper Names

I'm not really understanding rap names these days. I mean anything goes when you name yourself, but dudes are just pulling random syllables and word combos out of hats these days.

Here is just a few:

- This is not a fucking word.

- You are missing an "H" it is pronounced whale just like tale. You don't say Towel Lay do you? Didn't think so.

Fred The Godson
- Oh cool. Here's mine Skip The Nephew.

Apollo The Great
- This one is redundant.

Kid Cudi
- People know who you are, but do they know you jacked this name from a Care Bear?

Trae Da Skydiver
- No self respecting black man skydives. Period. Never not ever.

- I get the feeling this guy "cyphers" in various kindergarten classes in NY.

The Kid Daytona
- A lot of "the" guys now a days. Why not "The The Kid The"? That would crawl on search engines better. Because if we google your name it is going to pull up a bunch kids playing in the city of Daytona.

Cyhi Da Prince
- Clearly, you and Fred The Godson are friends. Is he upset that your name implies royalty while his just implies a religious and or legal guardian title?

Shaz Illyork
- Chaz The Illdork. I just used my brain from 5th grade to come up with that. What is your excuse?

- Coss what? Coss you don't have any fucking sense? Oh dollar signs. That's cool. You're basically like "Fuck the letter S, I'm all about that paper." Why is it then that I get the feeling you are broke? I'm sorry I meant "broke$".


  1. who the fuck are these cunts?

  2. the UK also suffers from urban/rap types with rubbish names
    Dizzie Rascal
    Tinie Tempah
    erm, there's some others too...


  3. remember that chick Bo$$?
    her and Co$$ could be in a group together named after a James Brown song

  4. Wale is his actual name, its Nigerian. So nah you fucked up on that one.

  5. @NeverAsk

    How about you change your name to NeverComment?

    And while we're chatting

    What's your day job by the way? Telling kids Santa isn't real? Or do you just work at full time?

  6. neverask is actually a professional origami artist. he showed me how to mkae the bestest paper whale once, oh wait that was google. fuck you.