Friday, April 23, 2010

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

This design and this photo took zero talent to create.

The difference though is some stupid luxury brand will pay you 5 grand to shoot coke head retards with your camera in some art loft in the Lower East Side where as my design services will earn me a big bowl of "broke as fuck" flakes.

For anyone young and talented out there:

Should you ever get the opportunity to sell out and get paid a lot of money to make something lame.... do it. Do it and never look back. You won't be able to even hear all haters when you are on some beach in Fiji getting a hand job under your beach towel from some aspiring jeans model.


  1. I just like how you're sort of ranting about the whole vapid-coke-eyes-showing-tits-photo-shoot thing. I think it's become the most popular form of "art". Fuck it (maybe literally, if it doesn't have any diseases, and then leave it because it it has no idea what art is).