Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SDTW Rap Sprays Tee Shirt Contest

SDTW Rap Sprays Tee Shirt Contest

I get lots of emails because of this stupid blog. The crazy thing is the number of talented people that peep this dumb site daily.

I mean it isn't like I'm offering you anything amazing, but I do enjoy drinking coffee and going off on fat people and stuff like that.

My buddy Nick told me I should hold a design contest so that is what I am gonna do.

This is the first of what may become several t shirt design contests.

Here are the rules and shit:

- White tee shirt * this means your background needs to be white, retard
- It has to say "Rap Sprays" on it
- It can not say Super Duty Tough Work
- It can not have your name on it (don't try and get clever dawg)
- Design can only be 2 colors (that means 2 colors on white, dumbshit)
- Design has to be on the front of the tee
- No all over bull shit
- No full panel shit
- Half tone if you use photos
- Someone has to be holding a spray can somewhere in your design

The contest is open for 2 weeks. Why only two weeks? Because I don't think you retards have the attention span to go longer than that.

Winner gets a free tee and that's all. Designing tee shirts is not brain surgery. You aren't curing cancer. You're lucky I am even printing your gay design.

I will not play favorites. I know some of you are "famous" or have made a "butt load" of shirts, but I don't care. If I won't wear it I won't print it. This is not a democracy.

I will also set up a little shopping cart if any of you and your lame friends want to buy one.


By submitting your lame design you are agreeing to allow me to print your bullshit and sell it to posers on the internet. I will post all submissions and if you're lucky I will maybe post a link to your twitter or tumblr blog of anorexic white girls and gangsters or whatever it is you do.

Send all designs as jpegs not the print ready files to:


subject title: sdtw design tee


  1. One dick shaped paint can on the way!

  2. you'll like mine the most - it's gonna have your Momma on it!

  3. You're god damn right it does.