Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Victoria Bitter

I'm told that this is the beverage of choice for Bogans.

What is a bogan? It is basically a redneck for lack of a better term.

I picked up the word while traveling in Spain and getting wasted with some Aussies. I use it all the time because no one here knows what it means.

It is easiest to define by comparing it to other countries version of the word.

Here is a list of what other countries would call a someone who is a bogan.

"Similar concepts exist under other names in other countries, such as chav, scally or pikey (England), ned (Scotland), scanger and spide (Ireland), tokkie (Holland), Proll (Germany) and white trash, redneck, hick, hillbilly (North America), or baianĂ£o (Brazil)."


This post is dedicated to all the FLIES crew even if they aren't actually card carrying bogans. I prefer to picture them all as dirty good for nothing bogans that drink VB and run around wrestling crocodiles.

Props to Skary for link.


  1. and you can add 'hory' from new zealand

  2. when i was growing up in melbourne bogan was a word used to describe white trash heshers that wore tight jeans, listened to thrash and lived in the poorer outer suburbs/government housing (which we called bedrock because the houses looked similar to those that the flintstones lived in), with their social life often surrounding the local football or cricket club. as a young skate rat/rap wizard i was often at odds with these hooligans in my neighbourhood.

    these days they still love their footy and cricket, but resemble the metrosexual in gaudy silk screened garb, drinking girly soda/vodka combo drinks, or the illustrious jim beam and coke in a can.

    VB is the beer of choice for the majority of australians, not just bogans despite being marketed toward the working class. carlton draught is also popular, if not considered slightly upmarket. coopers is also a good choice, and you can get it here in the states. anyone drinking anything other than domestic brew is basically a poser. if you go to the pub and order a corona you should have just stayed home.