Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Four Twenty Brahhhhh

Ahh hellz yeah dog.

Shit is four twenty for realz today.

Bust out some sick danky stanky nuggets broskeee!

Gettin all kinds of chinese eyed today dudes.

Moving on...

I wish I could participate in the "sesh" today with all of my friends, but sadly I can't puff tough anymore. I get "too high" a phrase I don't think many of you understand.

But yeah, I just get freaked out and end up splashing water on my face and telling myself to stop being a gaywad.

That does not mean you guys shouldn't go for it though.

Get some!!!

Bonus Youtube Comment:

"killakev0491: every last person in the world should go outside there homes and smoke fat ass blunt's so we could hot box the O-zone layer, so everyone could get high. -Kevin-"

Hot box the ozone layer? For real Killa Kev? Thefuckouttahere!

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