Monday, April 12, 2010

SDTW Asks?

Why do people feel the need to "interact" with wild animals?

How many times do animals have to kill these idiots before they stop trying to pet them or whatever it is they are trying to do?

Check this out b.

Bears EAT motherfuckers.

Tigers EAT motherfuckers.

Crocodiles EAT motherfuckers.

Lions EAT motherfuckers.


So why are college educated people going off into the jungles, oceans, and every where in between to go pester these man eaters?

Don't tell me it's for research. You can OBSERVE anything from a safe distance or better yet from inside some sort of vehicle or water craft. You don't have to swim with sharks to know they can EAT you.

Check this out homie.

Most of the clues are in the god damn name!

Sting Rays, Spitting Cobra, Poison Frog, just to name a few.

Killer Whales?

You shouldn't have to be a marine biologist to "guess" what those whales are known for.

Sadly, that is just not enough. There is an army of idiots signing up to swim with killer whales.


Because they suffer from being fucking retards.

There will be no "RIP Whale Trainer" tee when you die from getting your shit broke off by an orca. you're family has to explain to anyone that asks how you died that you were eaten by a killer whale trying to pet it or trying to get it to catch a fucking ring in it's mouth or something super scientific.

Stop fucking with animals. If a grizzly bear came into your crib and started trying to get you to juggle or wear a tutu what would you do?

You'd kill it, right?

When the shoe is on the other foot it sorts of makes sense.

Stop fucking with man eaters.

If you want to fuck with animals pick something smaller, non poisonous, and fangless.

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