Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update* Rap Sprays Tee Contest

Thanks to everyone for submitting designs already. You fuckers are fast.

The first few were on some whatevers and then some heaters started coming through.

People's entries I am still waiting on:

- Damien Hirst
- Murakami
- Thomas Kinkade
- Wyland

As for the rest of you guys. Get it together and start sending them in.


Please refrain from doing logo flips or logo bites or whatever the fuck the kids call them for your design.


  1. Logo biting is called "Mike Giant-ing" these days

  2. i thought "giant-ing" was when you pretended to be from somewhere you aren't..

  3. if i knew that my "mike giant" was going up against the self proclaimed "master of light" kinkade i probably would have not submitted....


  4. No offense intended but graf writers can really be some whiney little girl douche bags.

  5. Go out on a limb and assume that's your stock answer as to why your graffiti has no original style also.

  6. It seems they are handing out free opinions at the Faggot Store this weekend.

  7. But you said "or whatever you kids call them", I swear "mike giant-ing" is what the kids call them, we can't help what those gosh darn kids say. gosh darn kids, don't make fun of the white haired yeti man, gosh darn you to heck!