Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bagua x Wu Tang

Any self respecting god would not wear these glorified aqua socks.

The RZA is the Samuel L. Jackson of rap.

He will say "YES" to ANYTHING.

Off the top ideas that RZA would say yes to:

- Wu-Tang Logo parachutes

"Yo where my killa chute at, god?"

- Wu-Tang x Joe Boxers

"Wear Wu-Tang x Joe Boxers so your dick can breathe"

- Wu-Tang Crocs

"Finally Crocs for all the gods AND the earths"

- Official Wu-Tang brand switch blade comb

I'm running out of steam.

Feel free to add any other awesome Wu-Tang product ideas below.

Also f.y.i I've hung with RZA twice and the dude is awesome. He just likes putting that "W" on anything and I don't blame him.


  1. haha. i got a military hat with a W on the back off it..

    everybody haffi ask mi where mi get mi.. bagua?

    you heard the gaza - clarks song?

  2. These Slippers rock hard, probably the most comfortable shoes ever.
    There based on the the tabi a Japanese work mans shoe, so real 36 chamber.
    You a funny man but these shoe's are real