Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bud Bundy Rap a.ka D' Lil

So no one seemed to care about the Danny Cooksey video I posted the other day.

You guys are fucking dickheads you know that? I hate doing this blog. It's like talking to my fucking self all the time.

Anyways, I went and out did myself this time. I stumbled across the holy grail of white guy nostalgia rap.

Bud Bundy a.k.a David Faustino a.k.a D' Lil

I never saw this until today.

I did see Brian Austin Green's wack ass shit back in the day, but Bud Bundy is sort of a bummer because I was down with all things Bundy.

Above: Brian Green's magnum opus "One Stop Carnival"

What does that even mean? Is there a two stop carnival further up the road? Are you trying to start a monopoly on single stop carnivals or something?

Moving on...

Watch the video at least until D' Lil spits this:

"I don't want no groupie hoochie that just wants my gravy"

Let em' have it D.


  1. Why do all these early non vanilla ice/snow rappers try and sound like early pharcyde

    he should have stuck with grandmaster B.......

  2. Skipper, you gotta check out Tom Green's old Canadian rap group "Organized Rhyme" they had a big hit (in Canada) called "Check the O.R." or something like that.

  3. Bud should rapped about gettin' a black skelly up in kelly's belly.

  4. i remember seeing this video way back in the day-day and thinking "wow, the beat is hard, and this isn't completely retarded". definitely cringeworthy now, bus honestly, play this then play a showbiz & ag song from back then. it's kinda all the same shit