Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Rap Spray Contest?

Someone sent me a link to this.

On 4.20.10 I posted the SDTW Rap Spray T Shirt Contest

On 4.27.10 ILoveGraffiti posted their Rap Spray T Shirt Contest.

Check out their rules:

- It has to say “Tribal” or have to have anything related on it
- White tee shirt (background needs to be white)
- It can not have your name on it
- Design can be fullcolor or b/w
- Design has to be on the front of the tee
- No all over designs
- photos, illustration, design, photoshop allowed
- Tags, T-Ups etc are welcome!
- Deadline: 30.May 2010


Suspicious if you ask me. SDTW is huge in Europe. It is even huger amongst taggers and Rastafarian Danish b-boys so it does make me wonder.

Anyways, tomorrow is the cut off for the contest. So if you have been holding out on me now is the time to send that fucker in before it is too late.

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