Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DJ Clash Nicodemus Vs. Toyan

I actually have this on vinyl. I have to big ups Kofi from Tribe of Kings for it. When I was still a naive youthman I didn't know that budget ass album art meant that the record inside was probably rougher than a fisherman's knuckle.

Kofi just handed me this when I was checking out at the register and just gave me this look like "don't even question me."
I looked at the sleeve and wasn't feeling it, but bought it anyways.

Of course this LP rams.

You get Toyan and Nicodemus (R.I.P) at their collective best just going back and fourth pon the mic.

I've never had it digitally so thank you DeejayToatsers

If you're not a pussy hole I would highly suggest grabbing this one.

Come Spar With Themmmmmmm


  1. man thanks so much for releasing this fine album on my blog

    abrazos from deejay toasters

  2. You've posted so many albums that I've needed to get so the thanks should go to you man.