Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meyhem Lauren "Got The Fever"

There are no more than 5 listenable rap songs about graffiti. This is a new one by someone I've never heard of named Meyhem Lauren. It is actually very well written if I can offer my two cents.


Can we PLEASE stop misspelling things on purpose? Meyhem? C'mon. It is spelled Mayhem blood. Mayhem.

Why is it so hard to rap about graffiti? Because 9 times out of 10 you will come off sounding like you are 12 years old and have never touched pussy. Real talk.

Here are two other odes to sprays worth checking out:
And here is what happens when Europeans start taking this concept a little too serious:

Not trying to clown dude's hustle. I am simply pointing out that no one should walk around wearing baggy jean shorts passed the age of say 18 and this crew looks like their median age is no less than 30.

"Gehe einfach auf die jean shorts meine freunde."

Which translates I believe to:

Go easy on the jean shorts my friends.


  1. Super serious hardcore German spray-bangers always provide a good laugh. Someone needs to make a parody video.

  2. Meyhem Lauren - one of NYC's finest
    Dj-J-love Acknowledge greatness buy the album!

  3. "crush, kill, destroy" by spazz, "still bombin'" and "grafdabusup" by task force!

  4. EX Vandals kill shit. Shape Shifter. CBS