Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Graffiti, What Have You Done This Time?

Funny story.

I am not one to really give two shits about what happens to a piece I do after it's done. If it gets buffed then it gets buffed. If it gets dissed by some no name scrub then so be it. I personally think getting your poo say bent out of shape over some spray paint is pretty dumb. As a rule if you are not overtly trying to rag something I painted I will pay your ignorance no mind.


Like any good rule it is meant to be broken.

Icepick and I had painted over a street art wall last summer and this street art dude took are pieces over his character thingy majig personal. I suppose he thought we would notice his character thing. A bald head or whatever wannabe Obey thing this dude puts up. So we went over it with some pieces. Dude came back the next day and "reclaimed" his little spot with another big head contraption complete with roller paint and the whole nine.

So we painted pieces again and then again.

I think dude got the message.

We then found out that this street art dude is a ballerina. A real deal ballerina. Not like some weekend warrior ballerina, but like an actual pro ballerina.


So here you go dude.

Congratulations big homie.

Your work has been noticed.

You will go down in the history books.

As the ballerina that battled the graffiti gang bangers.

Here is the gold at the end of your rainbow.

Ballerina sticker attachments courtesy of the homeboy Sprayze So Crazy.

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