Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Heart The Internets

I was trolling through Craigslist Seattle and came across this ad.

How bull shit is that?

When you're like 7 the single most important thing in your life is becoming a ninja if you're a boy. You fuck around with your friends and get your ninja on around the neighborhood, but eventually most kids end up begging their parents to sign them up for martial arts. This is to add some "street cred" to your ninja life.

Unfortunately the most common place parents sign up their kids for classes is at some bunk ass "karate" studio next to the Domino's Pizza. It is 90% of the time located in a strip mall. Fact.

Now if that wasn't bad enough for the little duns you got whatever bitch made dojo hiring some no talent, no martial arts havin, scrub to PRETEND to teach you how to kick someone's ass.


How can you INSTRUCT without any EXPERIENCE?

Fucking shenanigans I tell you.


  1. i swear to god, its like my brain has a blog.. you might be my dad. i'm 21.. were you "smashin guts" 21 years ago

  2. This isn't a new phenomenon with Karate schools; I had an instructor try to teach me Dorito™ Style.