Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SDTW Needs

I'm on this Felix The Cat kick for the moment.

In high school I took Felix tabs seen here. It was one of those weird nights where we didn't plan on frying and then all of sudden you realize your body is melting through the couch and you can't pronounce the word "milk."

It was easily the most intense acid I ever ingested.

I realized I tell a lot of acid stories on here. For the record I only did hallucinogens about 10 or 12 times (I can't recall for obvious reasons).

Anyways, so we're clear I wasn't some freaky hippy flipping moron getting a back rub from a Korean dude in a ecstasy massage circle at the Orange Show. I was just your typical backpack rap listening, suburban, skate delinquent. WAY DIFFERENT homie.

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