Friday, February 19, 2010

Sizzla Live

Seeing Sizzla live is the closest thing dancehall has to a punk show. It doesn't have stage diving and all that, but people get into a pretty decent frenzy.

If you ever get a chance to catch Mr. Kalonji on stage do it.

I believe this clip is from a show in Amsterdam. That would probably be a good place to see Sizzla. Everyone would be all baked and cordial except for the dude that ate too much space cake. He would probably be trying to ask every black dude with a shaved a head if they were DMX and if they could sign his hat for him.

Other than that it would be a pretty mellow crowd.


  1. was in amsterdam a few mounths back and when to a illegal rave, turned up at a abandoned waerhouse in the north of the city and was happy to find it was king shiloh soundsystem. amazing vibe in the dance and strang going to a wearhouse party that was playing strait dub and reggae all night and no tekno

    visual dislexic

  2. Yeah that would never happen in Seattle VD.