Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2010

I am a pretty big fan of the NBA.

After all it is the only sport that condones style. Hockey lets you fight, but the NBA lets you style on em.

I've always managed to catch the Slam Dunk contest every year. Even if I'm not following the league very intently that year I will still set a side time to catch the dunk contest.

The contest has actually been getting better over the last few years. Mainly because of Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson.

This last contest was a HUGE dud unfortunately.

No creativity, no props, and just nothing done that was even remotely memorable.

I am not trying to salt those involved at all. I am just saying what the announcers and the whole arena were saying that night. I thought the crowd was going to start booing half way through.

Hopefully next year they get back on point.

Also let this dude in it.

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  1. Isn't Lebron James in it this year? I remember that announcement being the highlight of last year! When's it on by the way?