Wednesday, February 3, 2010

20 Worst Hip Hop Album Covers

I came across this post 20 Worst Hip Hop Album Covers via RazaUno but I have to say the dude that wrote the piece is pretty funny, but left me sort of confused on what makes an album cover bad and what makes it awesome.

He even used some SDTW picks peep here.

I highly disagree with the inclusion of:

Bullet Proof Wallets = it's just a boring cover, but not worth mentioning

Common = dude has way more questionable covers than "Finding Forever" most notably "Flying Circus" or whatever shit Erykah Badu had that dude doing p.s that chick is like the Yoko of rap. If you fuck her she will make you wear the worst shit ever on your head proof.

Birdman = Deserved his own Top 20 (but he roasted him anyway)

Note: dude's description of the Sweet P cover and M$. Tee were amazing.

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  1. Hey, the Bulletproof Wallets cover is on there because Ghost is making Raekwon pancakes. For breakfast. In his bathrobe. The implication is that the Chef slept over, nahmean?