Friday, February 26, 2010

SDTW Presents: Dunology

Dunology is a slang system where words beginning with "S" are replaced by the letter "D".

Son = Dun (spelled "dun" instead of "don" because the latter is already a word)
Solo = Dolo

And so on. As long as the word you are changing is not already a word it will fly as a dunism.

How to use dun in everyday life situations:

Example 1:

Dun: "Ay yo dun, where'd you put my Family Matters dvd?
Dun 2: "Dun, I already told you, that dun from around the way borrowed it dun."

Example 2:

Dun: "You want fries with that, dun?"

Example 3:

Dun: "Yo dun, hand me that bottle of Pepto right there, my diarrhea be actin' up like a mug."
Dun 2: "I got you dun."
Dun: "One hundid."

Try for yourself or try for delf.

Nah mean?

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