Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SDTW Approves

I've put up some new links in the ever so coveted "Known To Associate With" section. They are three blogs that I think are worth a shit.

GetNLoose = this is like looking into some weird mirror from across the pond. Lots of graffiti, music, and such.


Worlds Best Ever = really sleek looking blog with loads of features. Lots of organization and repeating features which I am always a fan of. Tons of ass on there too which is never bad.


Ignored Prayers

I know some of you know him, but if this isn't the gulliest spot on the web I don't want to know what is. With post titles like: The scene that launched a million fingerbangs. How could you pass that up?

Ignored Prayers

Note: Whoever's hand that is in the pic. Nice fucking arm hair guy. What are you Greek? Geezzz us.


  1. You need to be link'n siketheopposite.blogspot brah!
    return the favor already. geez

  2. You are linked, now go and procreate