Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Real Talk With Hugh Knight

Above: HAARP Weather Control System in Alaska, U.S.A

I was on the phone yesterday rapping out with my buddy Hugh Knight and he starts telling me how he was watching some shit on how the government have these computers that can control the weather.

I've heard about that before, but never really looked into it much.

Then Hugh starts telling me that those dudes bit that shit from the G.I Joe Movie (animated one) in which Serpentor (villain) had this machine called B.E.T that low and behold CONTROLS THE WEATHER.

Above: Serpentor a.k.a The Man With The Plan

It got me thinking. As 80's babies come to age we are gonna start seeing all types of diabolical plots come to life. Just watch.

Now Hugh openly stated that "it may be the weed talking here, but that shit is no coincidence."

And I agree with him.

Just you wait. One day your car is going to transform into some righteous talking asshole robot that won't shut the fuck up about energon cubes and how it needs to contact someone on Cybertron.

You were warned blood.

Me and Hugh are gonna be somewhere in Montana at a ranch far away from all that non sense playing Super Nintendo and taking bong hits while you suckers are caught up in an interplanetary conflict.

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