Thursday, February 18, 2010


So this was supposedly some big record for dubstep from 2009. I have given up the belief that dubstep is a real genre. Yeah, it is a real thing says Wikipedia , but I mean c'mon dudes. Can't we just call it video game music or electronic music?

It is just a bunch of noises and bass woofs and that's fine. I like drawing to it and such, but I'm not gonna start making music on my laptop and dub myself Skipta or something.

I prefer the other Zomby LP that I posted a while back over this one, but give it a shot if you're bored.

Click it or ticket


  1. its brostep; awful sounding, overly produced shit really..except for Headhunter, F, and Appleblim of course, they make some lovely tunes

  2. that track just sounds like a bong shaped castle..

  3. i'm not much into these vocals...but the drum sound ROCKS...

    and i still dig Benga