Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bum Rushed

If you haven't noticed who this little raggamuffin is by now then you'll never know.

Lenox a.k.a Little L a.k.a 41st Side a.k.a Baby Zeus

This dude is my heart.

The nick name Baby Zeus is courtesy of J.R.

Story goes:

JR: Dude, I'm so sorry I f*ckin always feel like such a dick for forgetting your son's name.

Me: You should.

JR: What is it again, it's like Zeus or something right?

Me: Yeah, I named my son Zeus. Are you serious?

JR: Laughs

Me: Laughs

JR: F*ckin' Baby Zeus

Me: From this day forward that is how he shall be known

Also Lenox would shortly after this incident ripped my Mac laptop in two with his bare hands. He just ripped it like it was nothing. I now use an external monitor for that computer. We refer to the incident as Black Saturday.

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  1. dude... i miss militree so much... please bring it back =/ every time i wear the shirts everyone asks me where... its so sad dont let it fade you got a good thing going.