Monday, April 14, 2008

Icy Hot Stuntaz

I think it is time to reflect and pay homage to the dudes that sparked this whole internet phenomenon i.e The Icy Hot Stuntaz.

I believe it was nearly seven maybe even eight years ago when Transworld Skateboarding ran the pic of these dudes in the editorial section. Back then you would only use the internet to either look at porn or look up stuff for school.

In a time that we will now call "before-youtube" you had to search for internet gems like these dudes and I mean search. People weren't even forwarding good stuff like this at all. I mean it is safe to say that these guys started the whole "you gotta see this" movement.

Looking back at it after so many years I realize that I have lots of questions for the IHS Posse.

Such as:

Are they still together as a group and or "car club?"

Have any of them had consensual sex with a female without money being involved?

Was Blade's parents "hella" pissed when they found out he had pierced his ears without asking them for permission?

Has their allegiance to the street game and its subsequent dangerous life style made it hard to survive in the 08' for the IHS?

With no forwarding links or contact info on the website we'll just never know what ever happened to The Stuntaz.


Icy Hot Home Page

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  1. lol, i randomly look for these dudes because its hilarious, but here's a heads up. One of those dudes goes by the name of B-Shoc now and apparently is actually still doing music...