Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eek A Mouse

Eek A Mouse is the quintessential definition of an anomaly. There is no artist to compare him to from his era or any other era in dancehall for that matter. His style is so bizarre and practically unintelligible to most listeners.

Greensleeves has been re-issuing a ton of classic stuff of late in a series they call "Most Wanted."

Ed* The Ranking Dread one I posted on here a while back is quite crucial as well.

The did a really huge favor for serious collectors by putting 10 different 12" mixes on this one which makes having the hassle of having to track down the accompanying version for the tune no longer necessary.

Granted, Eek A Mouse isn't the most savory character off stage as many folks I know can attest to, but his music is just too damn good to just put aside.

Track Listing:

1. Anarexol (12" Mix)
2. Ganja Smugglin
3. Wa Do Dem (12" Mix)
4. Noah's Ark (12" Mix)
5. Do You Remember (12" Mix)
6. Terrorists In The City (12" Mix)
7. Wild Like A Tiger (12" Mix)
8. Operation Eradication (12" Mix)
9. Star, Daily News & Gleaner
10. Teacher (12" Mix)
11. Sensee Party
12. Christmas A Come (12" Mix)

Download Here:

Eek A Mouse "Most Wanted"

Bonus You Tube Videos:

Eek A Mouse At Sunsplash

Ed* "Me no say dat!!!"

Eek A Mouse "Schoolboy"

Ed* Cocaine is one helluva drug!

Eek A Mouse "Hitler"

Ed* Another sleeper tune

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