Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nah Girl, I Wanna Go Way Back

Since everyone is in a nostalgic mood here's some oldies from ye ol' photobucket.

Comment away!

Before Guitar Hero came out n*ggas just used to do that sh*t in the streets, nah mean?

Paul and Bazzer a.k.a Geezers

Ya, who woudn't be?

I saw Massive Attack once and it wasn't at Coachella.

Old Versus

Augor and Enron in SD

I miss SD

A visit to Nick's Studio

Before Kellen was pro he used to have a day job

My Dad (not joking) bombing in Ohio

This guy

Phil's BBQ (old Phil's actually)

Actual ad for the now extinct Landlord Jim's and I don't care if all the chicks were beat it's the fact that this was an actual ad to get people to go to the bar

Translates to "No fu*ckin hipsters"

The Huff Monster sub-note: Huff Man was the first person I met in Seattle. How lucky is that?

Que Debi Debb song here

Amazing found photo of a old man "owning" another old man, I think? Probably somewhere in Eastern Europe possibly Poland?

Blacking out at the War Room is not highly recommended

T$ T$ T$ T$ T$ sub-note: about 2 minutes later I got chased by Seattle's finest for about 20 minutes

One of my best friends after being shot by a sniper in Iraq

This is the last recorded time I saw Justin with a chick

Gayness (no homo)

Samson and Dirts

Get some

People love this jacket

I used to work at Pike Place Market and this is mostly what I saw everyday

I told you so

Look it how fast they grow up

We all make the call sometime

F*ck yo clock

Ballard Summer Nights

Stay up my dude

Suma Suma Time

Jordan Nicholson photo, duh!


Super L and Adi Ababa

The Circle

Get Pumped!

Standard "artsy" photo

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