Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sonics Staying Seattle?

Above: The X-Man

An interesting turn in the never ending Sonics relocation case.

Apparently, these emails described in this article indicate that Clay Bennett (Sonics owner) lied to the NBA and the city about moving the team to Oklahoma.

This could change the entire case when it goes to trial in June.

Hopefully, we can keep the Sonics here and David Stern can kindly go "fornicate" himself for being a greedy little troll.

Having to suffer another lame duck season would just be torture. The Sups aren't even that bad considering the fact that Clay Bennett purposely ditched Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis last year and left Kevin Durant to fend for himself.

I live 8 blocks away from Key Arena. It only costs me $10 to get in the door and after the 1st quarter I move down to the good seats. It is the best damn sports routine I will ever be given. If they take that away from me having already grown up in city that didn't have an NBA team (San Diego) I will be quite pissed.

NBA/Sonics' owners lying

Ed* Also would it be too much to ask if we can to throw Carlesimo out on his ass and make Detlef the head coach?

Heil Detlef!

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