Friday, April 4, 2008

D.I.T.L (Diggin In The Links)

Somehow I manage to remember to do this segment every Friday.

p.s You're welcome for the awesome gif!

Buket TKO Bombing Over Pass Broad Day Style
Ed* SDTW does not condone and or promote the musical stylings of Evidence

Stuff White People Like: Should Children Be Allowed To Drink Wine?
Ed* I do not defend my people and their well documented lameness.

Michael Rose x Damian Marley "Shootout" riddim (Remix Video)
Ed* I pray dancehall doesn't get any bigger in the U.S, but if they keep bringing fire like this then it's only a matter of time before it ends up like rap.

My weekly Onion link
Ed* Anything that rips on morning radio is okay in my book

Ice Cube circa 1989
Ed* I listen to the first N.W.A album everyday in the warehouse while doing shipment. I sit and think if I could just get my hair treated with "curl" and get a dookie chain then maybe just maybe.......

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