Thursday, April 3, 2008


A lot of people hype up Murakami's work to gigantic proportions. His work is coveted by celebs, music artists, and the wealthy. If that isn't enough the man almost single-handedly brought "all over" print to the forefront of the world with his infamous Louis Vuitton bag. Dare I say the most imitated and knocked off pattern of the last decade?

All that being said, I can not see why this dude doesn't deserve the attention. His work is amazing and just hands down more enjoyable then 90% of the rubbish being passed as "art" these days.

I am just gonna assume that this is an ad of some sorts for Louis Vuitton seeing as the budget to make an animation piece this long would be really pricey. The fact that the entire theme of the short focuses on the iconic Louis Vuitton print was also my first clue.
Anyhow, watch it and bug out.

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