Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once Bitten

If there is anyone I know that has had their designs accosted, ripped off, flat out stolen and just plane raped it would have to be one Justin Patrick Anthony Fabian Atallian.

I'm not going to name off any of the brands that have jacked him because they know who they are, but ironically they are not the sole perpetrators as you can see above.

Above: The original design

The design in question is one of Justin's more iconic designs and probably the most recognizable tee shirt design to come out of SD in the last five years. The "SD Crown" is now a "kick ass" swap meet, boot-legged, window decal on some dudes' truck.


Add another person to The List.

Photo sniped by Dustin

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  1. wasnt this done to the yankees and dodgers logo first?