Wednesday, April 30, 2008

McDonald's Rap

Ed* Not really that funny at first then it starts gaining momentum.

News of The Weird

Police in Osaka, Japan, mobilized in January to apprehend fugitive Hirofumi Fukuda, 27, who was wanted for assaulting an officer (which tends to get the attention of fellow officers). By the end of the two-hour episode, a helicopter and 460 patrol cars, involving 2,240 law-enforcement officers, were on the case.

Ed* I am concluding that it might be pretty easy to be a "bad ass" in Japan.

Work Sucks

Right? Well it's not like I work at an Indian brick factory like dude above, but still work sucks.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I watched this show on The History Channel about Mayans last night.

The culture was so a head of its time and then the Spanish came in and wiped them out in the name of a some bearded white guy.


At any rate some of the information was really fascinating such as the Mayan calendar, their concepts on time, astrology, architecture, etc.

Read up here:
Mayan Culture Wiki Page

Quote Of TheDay

"When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it."

- Bernard Bailey

Monday, April 28, 2008


Continuing with music other then roots and dancehall. I've decided to start pulling out albums from my favorite era of hip-hop the early nineties.

Gangstarr is as good as any place as any to start with the decade.

Guru on the mic, Premiere on the beat. Pretty simple.

Get learned youngsters.

Gangstarr "Step In The Arena"

Tracy Morgan is My Idol

Someone actually got this inked.

It is Tracy Morgan's criminally over-looked character from "Totally Awesome."

If you aren't familiar with the role peep it below.

Thanks for the heads up Nick Nasty

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Wizard

Ed* I still remember seeing this in the theaters and when they showed Super Mario Bros 3 for the first time every kid in the theater simultaneously sh*t their pants. The good ol' days.

Friday, April 25, 2008

News of The Weird

Lawyer confidentiality rules kept one man improperly on death row for 10 years and a probably innocent man in prison for 26, according to news that surfaced in January (in Virginia) and March (in Illinois). Daryl Atkins (sentenced to death in 1997) was the victim of probable prosecutorial misconduct, according to his co-defendant's lawyer, Leslie Smith, who said he witnessed the misconduct but could not report it because a lesser sentence for Atkins would have exposed his own client to greater punishment. In Illinois, Alton Logan was convicted of a murder during a 1982 robbery. However, shortly afterward, Andrew Wilson admitted to his lawyers that he was the murderer, but bar association rules prohibited them from revealing that. When Wilson died in 2007, the lawyers went public, and Logan's case has been re-opened. [New York Times, 1-19-08] [CBS News, 3-6-08]

Ed* Imagine being innocent for 26 years because some prick didn't pipe up.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ordinary Kids

My new buddy Jason and his squad just finished the new HUF website and it just might be one of the better websites I have ever seen.

Peep it:


Peep out their site as well:

Ordinary Kids

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prince Alla

I grabbed this one a while ago and instantly liked it. Some roots albums just instantly work for me and this is one of those albums. Some stand out tunes are "Stone" , "Cities" , and "Lot's Wife."

Run it.

Track Listing:

Youth Man (Disco Style)
Lot's Wife
Bucket Bottom
I Don't Want To Be Late
Only Love Can Conquer
They Don't Love (Disco Style)


Prince Alla "Best of Prince Alla" (Full Album)

Nah Girl, I Wanna Go Way Back

Since everyone is in a nostalgic mood here's some oldies from ye ol' photobucket.

Comment away!

Before Guitar Hero came out n*ggas just used to do that sh*t in the streets, nah mean?

Paul and Bazzer a.k.a Geezers

Ya, who woudn't be?

I saw Massive Attack once and it wasn't at Coachella.

Old Versus

Augor and Enron in SD

I miss SD

A visit to Nick's Studio

Before Kellen was pro he used to have a day job

My Dad (not joking) bombing in Ohio

This guy

Phil's BBQ (old Phil's actually)

Actual ad for the now extinct Landlord Jim's and I don't care if all the chicks were beat it's the fact that this was an actual ad to get people to go to the bar

Translates to "No fu*ckin hipsters"

The Huff Monster sub-note: Huff Man was the first person I met in Seattle. How lucky is that?

Que Debi Debb song here

Amazing found photo of a old man "owning" another old man, I think? Probably somewhere in Eastern Europe possibly Poland?

Blacking out at the War Room is not highly recommended

T$ T$ T$ T$ T$ sub-note: about 2 minutes later I got chased by Seattle's finest for about 20 minutes

One of my best friends after being shot by a sniper in Iraq

This is the last recorded time I saw Justin with a chick

Gayness (no homo)

Samson and Dirts

Get some

People love this jacket

I used to work at Pike Place Market and this is mostly what I saw everyday

I told you so

Look it how fast they grow up

We all make the call sometime

F*ck yo clock

Ballard Summer Nights

Stay up my dude

Suma Suma Time

Jordan Nicholson photo, duh!


Super L and Adi Ababa

The Circle

Get Pumped!

Standard "artsy" photo

Tuesday, April 22, 2008