Monday, May 4, 2009

SD or 1904

Juts got back to Seattle from a little quick trip to my home town of SD. I got to hang with the fam and friends, eat, paint, and the whole nine.

My best friend Carly. You wouldn't know it from looking at her, but she's tougher than a coffin nail.

Eating sushi outside of Southern California is pointless. Well, besides in that Japan country or whatever.

I went and hung out at Street Machine and came across this John Cardiel deck. It works for me because of my not so "secret" obsession with voluptuous Jamaican women. Me love all dem fat p*ssy gals.

Flipping through look books I came across what has to be one of the best skate deck designs I've seen in a long time. It's a bad picture, but it says Alien vs. Predator with Wacko and E.T. Game over!

I went to Armory just in time for a shipment of paint. It's been a long time since I've held a can of Montana in my hand. I've gotten so use to Rusto it's ridiculous. I almost prefer American brands in some weird way. Thanks to King Diesel for the homie price. I can't tell you what he charges me because you'd cry like a little puta.

Every trip. Every blog post. It's Phil's BBQ. It's that good.

Fifi Boy and his old lady came out. Peep the Arabic Crass tee. Vicious.

SK8MAFIA ad at Street Machine. Can SK8Mafia please get themselves a decent designer please? Is it too much to ask?

Ape's B-Day thingy. I hate house music.

Just put your lips together and blow.

Nick in a k-hole.

You a pothead Focker?

Why do ugly people make out so hard on the dancefloor? Go back to Fugly Manor with your horse faced wench and do that shiz.

Speaking of ugly, Step Brothers Part 2.

It's not what you think. She just thinks I'm number one.

Billy and I have been playing the "Your Team" game for a while now, but it's now starting to become a phenomenon everywhere I go. The rules are simple: when you spot a kook of some kind you call out "your team" or "chur boy" or "team leader." This egregious violator is on Taylor's Team. He also got team mated with some dude rockin fingerless work out gloves and a Member's Only jacket with the skinny jeans. Not good Tay.

Nick practically had a whole new show's worth of paintings since I last saw him.

Hand painted cigar boxes with felt lining.

Bears are a bigger threat to this country than Al Queda and Swine Flu combined. Fact.

Nick's Team Photo.

Ed Templeton drew this for Nick when he was in high school. It needs to be a tee graphic. It reads "I can't wait to shop in the mall my favorite thing to do is spend money."

Tina Turner by Anonymous.

This is my shout out to Poor Life Choices

Nick has Italian Playboys next to his shitter sorry "crapier".

Faces of Death.

I call this one "Dog With Hat".


Pot and Grand Theft Auto seshy. Ya braaaahhhhhhhhh!

Write big.

Or go home.

Shouts to Rondo. Liked this one so much I had to do it twice.

At the 19th Hole Breakfast Spot. I was blinded by my Seattle tan obviously.

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