Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prince Far I

I came across this Pressure Sounds album of Prince Far I (our Heavy Manners' namesake).

If you are unfamiliar with Prince Far I that is pretty understandable. He is fairly obscure to most people not familiar with the late 70's deejay genre, although he was fairly popular in his time and probably more so in England than in Jamaica.

I can't decipher much from this album other than it was put out by Pressure Sounds who also have what has to be the only official Prince Far I shirt I've ever seen. Dang.

For the uninitiated the king deeejay chats or more specifically just sort of talks about the Bible over roots versions. He doesn't really chat in the traditional rhyming style. He is definitely not for everyone, but give it a try especially if you're the type that is prone to get stoned and draw.

Here's a likkle sample of the froggy voiced one. This track isn't on there. Get at me if you want this one too.


Prince Far I "Health & Strength"

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