Tuesday, May 12, 2009



I'm going on record here and saying that I stays with Cam. Whether there is any validity to the whole "beef" with the once mighty Dipset or not I can't say. I will say I don't really like Jim Jones the dude single-handedly is responsible for black people wearing Ed Hardy and breaking up the Dip. You hear that Jim? You the Yoko of Dipset.

As far as "Crime Pays" is concerned it's actually real good. Cam just has that way of being the underdog and the out of pocket black word wizard all in one. It's a delicate balance. Many try, but few are as convincing as Killa.

Get this one.


Camron "Crime Pays" (Full Album)

P.S This cover is a serious disappointment. With all the crazy ideas that Cam comes up with you'd think he would pass on this wonky ass cover. Tisk, tisk.


  1. they are together just not in their original format. I KNOW THESE THINGS I LIVE IN HARLEM!

  2. the "Grease" skit is worth the whole album.

    "ima shit in ya backseat."

    "u want me call you tomorrow?"

    "Cam I hope money makes you happy..."
    "it does."

    you can almost hear him grinning.