Thursday, May 28, 2009

Early B

This might be the best digital tune I've ever heard. Early B is one of the my favorite deejays ever and he buries this tune.

I have a bias towards the more eerie and dark style tunes. They tend to juxtapose the stereotypical "warm and sunny feel" of Jamaica. The ominous melody of the keys and the rolling bass together on this tune are just too good.

If you are a serious dj and want this tune drop the $6 and grab the re-issue at Deadly Dragon Sound

1 comment:

  1. en the Red bull music academy was in town I think it was Jae Blaze who said that Jamaica is the dark brooding island of the carribean. When you think of trini's or folks from the bahamas they have a slight upswing to the way they speak but jamaicans are all guttural and harsh. He said that when the slave ships made it across the middle passage they dropped all of the trouble making africans off in Jamaica and Haiti because those were the first stops and they wanted to get dem bad Bwoy away.