Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Transcendent Man: Trailer

I've learned to not buy into any documentary at face value. I remember feeling like an idiot after buying into the hype "Bowling for Columbine" only to find out later about all the inconsistencies with Michael Moore's edits. After that little lesson I sort of made some rules to go by in regards to the validity of documentaries.

1.) There is always an agenda. Someone wants you to think about something whether it is good or bad.

2.) It's edited. You are shown what they want you to see. It's still a film at the end of the day.

3.) Just enjoy it for what it is. There is no need to become an outraged advocate over night.

Transcendent Man already looks like a documentary that is going to have people jumping to conclusions and I expect there will be plenty of you blogging all about it when it comes out.

Everyone went off the deep end when the "Obama Deception" came out. C'mon people. Do you really think it's that easy to thwart a "New World Order"?

Like some filmmaker just figured out the plan to "take over the world" in a few months?

Really? I doubt it. Is there corruption in politics, the economy, and in the justice system? Yeah, of course, but don't think because some filmmaker edits together a "convincing" film that means you just figured out the f*ckin Matrix from watching a movie.

Let's not go plunging off the cliff because of a youtube clip.

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