Monday, March 16, 2009

If you're an avid reader of SDTW then you already know about my son Lenox a.k.a Baby Zeus. He is a legend amongst the crew here in Seattle, but now the whole world wide web is going to have to deal with him as he just got accepted on

The Minihipster is a street fashion blog for kids they deem "cool" or "hip" with correspondents in New York, London, Barcelona, and Melbourne.

A little bonus history on the origins of "Baby Zeus" if you're not in the know.

JR of the dubious Winner's Cirle and I were sitting in The Circle where I was telling him how Lenox had ripped the screen off my laptop the night before. He tore it clean off like Lou Ferigno on coke. JR was having trouble remembering Lenox's name for whatever reason.

His first stab at trying to remember was "Zeus." I stared at him to make sure he was serious and I couldn't believe that he thought I would name my son Zeus. As far as I could tell he was dead serious and from there on it was Baby Zeus although Little L, General Lenisimo, and Lenaisance Man are all acceptable substitutes.

Baby Zeus x

Also props to Jordan Loves Kats


  1. ahem, you can thank your kids newfound internet fame to yours truely! thanks for the honorable mention, pendejo!

  2. You're just mad cause he's stylin' on you!