Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aquariam, Goods, Mexican Food...

Just an ordinary day in the life of Baby Zeus and Dad

We got a runner!

It must be lonely to be the only squid bicycle lock in the city.

This wall was kind of sexy. Right? Or is that weird?

Pier Pressure.

These are called sea anemones and yes I had to look up the word anemones because there wasn't a chance in hell I would have known how to spell it.

And this is the otter bench. Way to go whoever carved this ghoulish looking thing. You've practically insured that every kid who is unfortunate enough to cross paths with this thing is gonna shit their pants at the mention of the word otter.

Save the whales.

Real otter. Far less frightening.

Someone felt like an octopus' ass.

Look who we bumped into...Benny!

The actual thought of these two being friends in junior high is quite scary. They are up to no good at all times and they are only 2 1/2.

Justin's Blazers at Goods. About frickin' time.

No photoshopping required. 100% real Launchpad.

Memo's is single-handedly saving me from having to eat what Washingtonians call mexican food.

Their saving Lenox too.


Nate Van Dyke drawings.


Uno mas

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